Every individual has dreams, especially of owning something. As a matter of fact, people enjoy owning their own homes. For this purpose, they always look for advice from friends, family members, and colleagues. In fact, there is no harm in doing so. However, purchasing a home and deciding to invest in real estate requires a professional approach. In this regard, you require the assistance of a recognized home inspector.

It is important to understand every aspect of your prospective home. A home inspection company gives you the right guidance before investing in real estate. However, you need to be extremely cautious when choosing a home inspection service. Here are various recommendations and tips for choosing the perfect home inspection company.

Experienced and Certified Home Inspector

There is no denying that a home inspector has a critical role in the real estate industry. A professional home inspector has to carry a thorough assessment of the property you intend to purchase. He needs to be certified by an approved inspection association. He also needs to have certain traits. These include punctuality, integrity, ethics, working knowledge of the residential system and experience in the home inspection process. A home inspector that has a background in construction or engineering is always considered superior to others.

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Insured Home Inspection Company

When choosing a home inspector, you should ensure that whoever examines the property is insured. Finding out about the insurance is one of the essential questions to ask when interviewing a home inspector. Most inspectors will have an errors and omissions insurance in case they miss something during an inspection. If your inspector does not have any insurance, you should ask yourself if you really want to hire him.

Walk Around With The Inspector

It is also crucial to accompany the inspector during a home inspection to see any defects and how they can affect your property. A good home inspector will explain everything he is looking for. In fact, their primary function is discovering significant structural or material defects that can affect the value of the house. Thus, a building inspector can be a fantastic resource for educating you on how a home should work.

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Home Inspection Duration

To gain information about your future home, you want an inspector that looks at every section of the house. That includes various plumbing systems, electricity, structure, roof and attic, basement and foundation, etc. Knowing what an inspector sees allows you to shop around and compare services. Some inspectors stick to the Standards of Practice of their association, in our case InterNACHI, while others surpass them. Therefore, the duration of the home inspection varies per inspector. A rule of thumb is to consider at least 2 to 3 hours for a house inspection and 1 to 1.5 hours for a condo inspection.

Verify References and Reviews

It is very important to seek references when hiring someone for a service, and home inspectors are no exception. Look for any reviews that have been posted on Google, Yelp, or any other website where the company is registered. This will give you a good idea of the experience, quality and professionalism of the home inspection company.

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Sample Inspection Report

Most inspectors have sample reports they can show to prospective clients. You should ask the inspector for a sample report to assess the format, the content and the quality. There is nothing worse than hiring an inspector that gives an ugly inspection report and that nobody can understand. At Cedar Inspection, we use the most up-to-date software to write and send our reports in the same day as the inspection. You can find a sample of our work here.

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