It is essential to get critical information about the condition of a home and its systems before purchasing. Having a home inspector in Montreal is crucial and he can reveal thorough details of a home being purchased. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional and credible home inspector.

Cedar Inspection offers condo and home inspections in Montreal and its surroundings. It is your prime responsibility and duty to know each and every detail about the property you intend to buy as your future home. A home inspector would disclose the property’s inner workings, allowing you to be informed of all the benefits and hazards the home has to offer.

To understand the importance of a pre purchase inspection, we’ve gathered a few pointers as to how an inspection can help you.

It gives an “Out”

Admittedly, a quality home inspection reveals essential details about a home’s condition. It gives you an idea of any costs, repairs, and maintenance the house might need instantly and in due time. In case a buyer is not comfortable with the inspector’s findings, he has the choice to back out of the purchase offer. Thus, this measure is essential when buying a home because it gives you an out.

Home Safety

A home inspector can detect safety concerns like radon, carbon monoxide, and mold, which pretty much all homes need to be tested for in Montreal and its surroundings. By finding out about these early on, you can save money and protect your investment.

Code Compliance

The best home inspector can disclose as to whether rooms, altered garages, or basement were completed without a proper permit or did not follow code. If a house has illegal room additions, it will affect your property’s value and might require repairs.

Home Maintenance Tips

The home inspector is a valuable resource as he or she can teach you a few tips on maintaining your home. At Cedar Inspection, we have a section on our Instagram account where we continuously share home maintenance tips for our followers. Why not gives us a follow and be part of our community?

Predicting Future Costs

A home inspector can estimate roughly the age of important systems in the home such as roofs, heating, plumbing, cooling, and essential equipment like water heaters. All the components in the home have a serviceable life. Knowing about their lifespan will help you make important budgeting decisions. This will also determine what type of home insurance coverage you need to think of.

Negotiation tool

When you receive the written report from your inspector, you are presented with an opportunity to ask the sellers for repairs or a price reduction. That way, you’re making sure you’re getting a fair deal. Some sellers might accept to reduce the price while others will do the repairs themselves. Thus, saving you some extra cash.

A Few Important Questions to Ask Your Inspector:

It is always good to ask a few questions to your inspector before hiring him. You’ll find below a list of questions we recommend:

  • Are you a full-time home inspector?
  • Do you have an error and omissions insurance?
  • Are you a member of a Quebec association of building inspectors?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • When will you deliver the report?

So What Traits Should An Inspector Possess?

They include quality work, good education, insurance, experience, well written report, and the latest high-tech inspection equipment. Indeed, it is very important to choose the right home inspection company. In fact, there are different companies in the inspection industry with varied qualifications, but Cedar Inspection is distinct from all home inspection services in Montreal in many ways.

We have a proven quality record with a great customer satisfaction. Having an InterNACHI inspector also comes with a lot of benefits. After every inspection, our customers are provided with a home maintenance book and special InterNACHI discounts.

Are you looking for a home inspector in Montreal? Why not gives us a call or schedule an inspection online? We look forward to hearing from you!